Ten Most Common Reasons for Estate Planning

Jennifer believes that everyone—even young people and people who do not think they have a lot of assets—should have their affairs in order. Doing so protects you from unforeseen events that could occur to any of us.

Here are the ten most common reasons why people plan their estate, but you don't have to wait for one of these reasons to contact Jennifer at The Spalding Law Office.

  1. Designate who will manage your affairs if you become disabled and when you pass away.

  2. Designate a guardian for your minor children.

  3. Avoid guardianship/conservatorship during your lifetime.

  4. Avoid probate when you pass away.

  5. Protect children from a prior marriage if you pass away first.

  6. Protect assets inherited by your loved ones from lawsuits, divorces, and other claims.

  7. Control the timing and disposition of your assets to children and grandchildren who may not be capable or experienced in managing money.

  8. Provide for special needs children or grandchildren.

  9. Address the different needs of different children.

  10. Prevent or discourage challenges to your estate plan.



Would you like to get started on an estate plan?

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