Why choose Jennifer

Jennifer was inspired to open a practice that focuses on estate planning after the death of her father, Richard. Her family, which includes her stepmom and half siblings, were forced to make difficult health care decisions after he suffered a debilitating stroke. Richard passed away five days later. Once again, the family struggled to make difficult decisions regarding the burial. While this situation would be devastating to any family under the best of circumstances, Jennifer’s father did not have a Health Care Directive, which left the family to “guess” about what exactly he would have wanted. It did not have to happen like this. It is this very personal experience that motives Jennifer to continually advocate for planning at all stages of life. Whether you are a young adult, newly married, new parents, recently divorced, on a second marriage, widowed or retired—she is adamant that you should have an estate plan.

The Spalding Law Office is committed to protecting your family and preserving your assets through personalized, comprehensive estate planning. We will help you navigate the challenging and difficult topics in a relaxing environment. Our new office in Chaska is the perfect location to meet with clients and help them develop a plan for the future.

Jennifer is a caring attorney dedicated to treating each client with the personalized attention, care and compassion that they deserve. We care as much about your affairs and your loved ones as you do, and we hope that it shows.

Now is a good time to plan your estate

The peace of mind that comes with estate planning is not just for the wealthy or for the elderly. However, certain life situations we all face a appropriate times to consider estate planning. These situations include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Becoming widowed
  • Blended families
  • New baby
  • Turning 18
  • Single adults
  • Major life event
  • And many more...



Are you ready create an estate plan?

Jennifer at the Spalding Law Office is ready to meet with you to develop a comprehensive estate plan. Please contact us today to set an appointment.